Thursday, 13 February 2014

Cello Stopper

This was a rather old project; I found a nice sheet of clear acrylic lying around and decided to make cello stoppers with it.

There are two types of cello stoppers available in the market; one relies on friction to keep the cello from sliding away from the user during use and the other utilizes a strap with a metal/wooden ring at the end at secure the stopper to the chair the cellist is using. However, both come with disadvantages: one needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain its ability to grip the floor and the other limits the types of chair the cellist can use as the chair leg must be able to fit into the ring at the end.

This cello stopper overcomes both disadvantages as it uses a nylon strap to secure it to the cellist's chair, negating the need to find a chair with slim legs.

Materials and Methods:

Clear Acrylic 10mm – Scrap Material – Lasercut

Nylon Straps and Adjuster – Beach Road Army Market – Sewn and Melted at the Ends.

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